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Cold Weather Tips for your Boxer

Winter in the NortheastThe cold weather is coming! Cold northeast winters pose many risks to Boxers. The cold temperatures, snow and ice conditions are all challenges for a short-haired dog like a Boxer. The holiday season with all its decorations can also post challenges for our furry friends.

Protect Your Boxer from the Cold

The short coats that boxers have mean that they need a little extra help keeping warm when the cold weather set in. If you're just letting your dog out for a quick bathroom break, they will probably be fine with a quick dash into the snow. But if you plan on spending a lot longer outside with your Boxer, you might want to think about coat for them. You can find a coat online or in most pet-supply stores. You might even find some good coats in a store that specializes in equestrian supplies.

Keep Those Paws Healthy!

The snow and ice, as well as the salt we use on our driveways and walks to keep them clear of the same snow and ice, can be harmful to your dogs paws. The ice-melting chemicals could result in chemical burns or possible ingestion if your dog licks his paws after a walk in the cold. Be sure to wipe your dog's feet thoroughly after they come in from the outside, or consider getting him booties to wear to protect his feet.

Also, keep your dog's claws trimmed. If they get too long, they could catch in ice or crusty snow and tear or break.

Winter Holiday Risks

The winter holidays come with alot of pleasures for all of us. But they also pose a risk to your furry friends.

Halloween candy, holiday decorations like poinsettias and christmas trees, and other items that typically come out during the winter holdiays pose additional risks to these curious animal's health. Holiday meals, leftovers and garbage, if eaten can lead to upset stomachs and in some cases, toxic reactions.

The commotion of holiday gatherings can also cause you boxer to get over-excited and injure someone or they might bolt out the door and get lost. Try to keep your boxer's schedule as normal as possible during the holdays, and keep him confined during a large party or when you can't keep close supervision on him.

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